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My Overview

This is your access to information specifically for you.

Home Page

You start with your personal home page.

Here you will find:

  • Information about the upcoming session(s) to discuss progress.
  • An overview of the teams and OGSMs where you are a manager or participant.
  • The latest updates, so you are aware of changes in the OGSMs.
  • A list of the actions for which you are the owner.
  • Information about your profile.
  • Buttons to quickly go to your strategies, indicators, and actions.

Read the article: My Overview.

My Teams

This is an overview of all the teams where you have access as an administrator, participant, or viewer. In these teams, you will find, for example, other tools and archived OGSMs. As a team administrator, you can add new OGSMs and set access to a team through this page.


This page provides an overview of all changes in OGSMs and other tools.

My Profile

Here you can change your settings, such as your profile picture and how often you receive update emails.

Our Plan

The gateway to the OGSMs.


This is the overview of one or more OGSMs. You choose which OGSMs you want to see. Click on an item to view the details or to edit the item.

Read the article: OGSM Overview.


An overview of the ambitions in the organization. You can only read the ambitions of plans you have access to.


An overview of the objectives.


An overview of the strategies. This is especially useful to gain insight into the interconnections between different OGSMs.

Read the article: Strategies.


An overview of the indicators.


Here you see the actions from one or more OGSMs. There are three displays:

  • Columns: The actions are in four columns, giving you insight into the status of the actions. The columns are: On Hold, To Do, In Progress, and Completed.
  • Timeline: The actions are on a timeline, giving you a quick insight into the planning of actions.
  • List: The actions are in a table, giving you a quick overview of actions. In this display, you can also edit multiple actions at once.

All views can be filtered and sorted.

Read the article: Actions.


Here you see the OGSM including the most recent progress reports on strategies and actions. This way, you are immediately informed about the status of the OGSM.

You can compose the report yourself: for example, view the complete OGSM, only the actions, only the strategies, or all strategies in the organization with a certain label.

Read the article: OGSM report.

Process state

This page is specifically for process owners. These are the people responsible for managing the process to steer the progress and results of the OGSMs. The process owners keep an eye on the status of the process here.

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