My overview

The 'My Overview' page is not available in every environment. Contact your administrator or contact person if you have questions about this.

This is your personal overview. In this article, we explain the components.

Do, learn, and adjust

You see the next doing and steering sessions for the teams where you are an Administrator or Participant.

  • Click on the 'Report actions' button to see the actions you need to report progress on.
  • Click on the 'Report strategies' button to see the strategies.
  • Click on 'Read reports' to prepare for the session.

If the buttons are not available, you do not need to add reports.

Read the article: Process: Do, learn and adjust.

My teams and OGSMs

You see an overview of the teams where you are an Administrator or Participant.

  • Click on the team name to open the team.
  • Click on the OGSM name to open the plan.


This is an overview of changes in the OGSMs you are involved with. This keeps you always informed.

My actions (In progress)

These are the actions you own with the status 'In progress'. This helps you keep track of your work. A maximum of 10 actions are displayed.

  • Click on an action to open it.
  • Click on 'View all my actions' to open an overview of all actions you own.

My profile

Here is information about your profile. Click on the edit icon to edit the information and to add a profile picture.

Quick settings

Here are buttons to quickly view the items you own.


The last section is an information block. The content may vary by environment. If no information has been added by the administrator, the block is not displayed.

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