Latest changes

We regularly improve Below you will find an overview of the most important changes.

July 2024

  • New type of chart for indicators and goals that allows comparing measurements per quarter.
  • Target value can be imposed from main item and will then appear on all sub-items.

June 2024

  • Comments and reports are now saved in the background as drafts so you can finish them later.
  • Indicator and goal target values added at the main level will also be created at the sub level if the calculation is set to "average."

May 2024

  • The term "indicator" has been changed to "KPI" as it is more generally used by most companies.
  • Reporting has been made faster when subactions are hidden.
  • Creating and then editing immediately afterwards will now be shown as a single item in the history and notification email instead of two separate items.
  • Sub-goals and sub-indicators are now also displayed while reporting.
  • Summing sub-goals and sub-indicators has been made configurable, for example, an average can now also be taken.

April 2024

  • Changes to OGSM items are now automatically saved, there is no separate save button anymore.

  • Changes to OGSM items made within 5 minutes of each other by the same user will now be consolidated into a single notification and a single entry in the history view.
  • Icebox items are now hidden by default in the reports screen as well.
  • Progress bar for actions has been made clearer.

  • A new "list" view for actions makes it easier to edit multiple actions at once. Editing a single action is also faster to do in that view.

March 2024

  • Actions now contain two new fields effort and added value which can also be used to sort.
  • Filters now open next to the OGSM instead of overlapping with it.
  • Chosing which OGSM you're viewing has been moved from the filter menu to a separate button on the toolbar.

  • Opening actions with a lot of sub-actions that are spread amongh many different OGSM's has seen a big speed increase.
  • Filtering by assignee or label now also works for sub-actions.
  • Sub-actions without assignee will now show up when the upper action is filtered by assignee. Because of this you won't have to assign all sub-actions to an assignee any longer.

Februari 2024

  • We have a new toolbar. This way, we make the filter and display options more accessible. You can immediately see that, for example, a filter is active and with one click you can undo the filter. Use the bookmarks to quickly get an overview. You can also create your own bookmarks.
  • Filters and display settings are now applied directly instead of having to apply them with a separate button.

January 2024

  • Ability to cascade an OGSM as strategy in a higher level OGSM.
  • Gantt chart of actions now displays more information and supports sub-actions.
  • Actions are now sortable in reports using the eye-icon in the top right.
  • When editing an action you can now search by name in the assignee field instead of having to scroll through the list manually.
  • The actions view was extended with a download button that can be used to export the actions into an Excel file.

December 2023

  • Ability to connect a goal to several OGSMs.

November 2023

  • Parent of an action can now be changed, so a normal action can be converted to a sub action.
  • Goals and indicators now support sub items.
  • Measurements of sub goals and sub indicators automatically sum up and are stored in a measurement with the parent indicator/goal.

October 2023

  • Compact layout of OGSM added.
  • Ability to cascade a strategy to an underlying OGSM.

September 2023

  • The user interface for user groups has been extended.
  • Visually impoved the sent emails.

August 2023

  • Actions in the icebox are now hidden by default in the OGSM view.
  • Support for user groups was added. A user group can be added as a member to a team, simplifying user management.

Juli 2023

  • Sub actions have visually been improved in the action list view.
  • Goals and indicators now also support negative values in charts.
  • Drag and drop on touch devices has been made more user friendly.

June 2023

  • You can now filter actions by title.
  • A new action view has been added where you can see actions in a Gantt chart. This makes it simpler to plan actions for the coming year.

May 2023

  • Ability to limit the 'viewer' role further when viewing an OGSM.
  • Fixes for a number of problems that sometimes occured in the text field with formatting.
  • Longer titles now stay visible when entering new OGSM items.
  • Progress reports now contain example descriptions to help users improve what is entered.

April 2023

  • We are introducing sub-actions. You can create child actions for an action. E.g. projects in a program. Each action and sub-action has its own details (such as deadline and owner) and progress reporting.
  • When selecting 'All OGSM's' in the filters of the report or the action plan you now only get the OGSMs that are set on 'Draft' or 'Active'.
  • We have adjusted the permissions to edit the OGSM. If the OGSM is on 'Draft' state, Participants can now edit the entire OGSM instead of just the items they own.

March 2023

  • Want to see immediately how things are going with the indicators? That's possible: open an indicator and you will see the target values and measurements in a graph.
  • It is now also possible to display the indicators in a graph with the OGSM report. To do this, check the box in the display settings (use the button with the eye at the top right of the screen).
  • The progress report now also shows the change date and the person who changed the report.
  • The menu now works even better on mobile.

February 2023

  • Dragging an action or indicator to another strategy was quite precise. You can now just drag them to the correct column.
  • The rights of draft OGSMs have been relaxed. Is the OGSM set to 'Draft'? Then the participants can change all items. Is the OGSM set to 'Active'? Then as a participant you can only change the items that you own.
  • In the OGSM and the Action Plan, the titles above the columns remain visible when you scroll down.
  • The owner's picture is back. This makes it clear more quickly who owns a strategy or action. You can set a picture in the profile.

January 2023

  • You can adjust the view and set filters in the OGSM, the action plan and the report. We will remember that setting from now on. When you come back later, you will see the same view on screen.
  • In the action plan you can group the actions by Owner, Strategy or Tag.
  • In the OGSM you can expand the strategies. This was not clear to everyone, so we now indicate this with an arrow.
  • Do you create a progress report? Then we will already set today's date for you.
  • And from now on we will regularly update you on the latest changes.

December 2022

  • In your profile there is the possibility to change the initials of your name, so that there is no confusion if several people have the same initials.
  • In the action plan you can now also create actions directly in the columns 'To do' or 'Busy'.
  • The menu on the left now has labels and can be collapsed.
  • We have made a visual distinction between titles and descriptions in the OGSM.
  • It is now possible to update the measurements of indicators from an external source.

November 2022

At the end of November we launched a completely new version of the OGSM tool. What has changed?

  • The appearance. The OGSM tool has a completely new design. Our starting point was to make the tool attractive and user-friendly.
  • Now also on mobile. We have developed all screens based on use on mobile devices. Of course, creating an OGSM won't be done very quickly on mobile, but you can now read or add a progress report and make a change.
  • Help is immediately available. You now always have the right information at your disposal with a click on the help button. Click the button with the question mark. And if you can't find a solution, you can send your question directly to the helpdesk.
  • Lots of details that make the use just that little bit better or more convenient. Get started and you will discover them yourself.

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