Edit action

Only the team's 'Administrator' or the owner of the action can edit it.

  • Click an action to open it.
  • Click a field to edit the action.

  • You will see the following fields:
    • Title: this is the title of the action. The title is visible in the overview of the OGSM.
    • Tags: optionally, select a label to add it to the action.
    • Strategies: here you can see the strategies to which the action is linked. You can link the actions to multiple strategies, also in other OGSMs.
    • Description: here you can give a short explanation of the action.
    • Owner: this person is responsible for implementing the action and reporting on its progress.
    • Involved: you can select people who are involved in the execution of the action here. It is also possible to select a team.
    • Start date: this is the planned start date of the action.
    • Deadline: This is the date by which the action must be completed.
    • Status: here you indicate what the status is: Icebox, To do, Busy or Completed.
  • Click 'Save' to save the changes.

Delete action

  • Open the action.
  • Click the trash can icon in the top right and click 'OK' to confirm the deletion.

The action is completely removed. If an action is linked to multiple strategies, the action will also be removed from there.

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