Sometimes you just want to add a little more detail to an action. What are the intermediate steps of an action? This is the case, for example, with programs and projects.

  • Action: Program X
  • Intermediate steps:
    • Project A
    • Project B
    • Project C

In such a case you can add sub-actions to an action.

Add subactions

  • Open an action by clicking on it.
  • Click under the heading 'Subactions' on 'Add action'

  • Enter the title of the sub-action and click 'Save'.

  • The sub-action has been added. Click it to edit the sub-action.

If you open a sub-action you will see at the bottom what the parent action is. You can also add sub-actions to a sub-action.

Make sub-actions visible in the OGSM and the Action Plan

You see the sub-actions on the details screen of an action. By default they are not visible in the OGSM or the Action Plan. You can make them visible via the display settings.

  • Click the view icon in the top right.
  • Select the 'Show Sub-Actions' checkbox; and click 'Apply'.

The sub-actions are now visible in the OGSM or Action Plan.

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