Setting up

How nice that you want to get started with We are happy to help you on your way with this step-by-step plan.

Step 1: Settings

We start by setting up the environment. For this, we need the following information:

  • Domain name: The domain name is the URL through which the platform is accessible. By default, this is a subdomain of, e.g.,
  • Name: The name is visible in the browser tab and is also used in invitations for new users.
  • Teams: The names of the teams, so we can set them up.
  • Logging in: The following options are available for logging in:
    • Email address and password.
    • Entra ID (formerly knows as Azure AD): Users can log in with their Microsoft account.
    • LinkedIn: Users can log in with their LinkedIn account.
    • 2-factor authentication: Users must use an authentication app on their phone when logging in.
  • Settings:
    • Option to upload a profile picture.
    • Option to link with BI software.
  • Texts:
    • Invitations: these are sent to new users.
    • Text on the welcome screen of the OGSM environment.
  • Existing OGSMs: If desired, you can send us existing OGSMs. We will then ensure that these are set up in the OGSM environment.
  • Users: If desired, you can send us a list of users. We will then ensure that they are invited once the environment is set up.
  • Administrator: The person who manages the environment.

To provide this information, you will receive a form.

Step 2: Setting up the environment

In this step, we get to work. We set up the environment. What do we do?

  • Register the domain name and activate the encrypted connection.
  • Create and set up the online environment (logo, color scheme, creating teams, settings, etc.).
  • Optional: Set up and test the link with Entra ID AD in cooperation with the client's contact person.
  • Place initial content (texts of invitations, text on the welcome screen, existing OGSMs, etc.).
  • Create users and send out invitations.
  • Train the Administrator so they know all the ins and outs of the platform.

Of course, we coordinate this process with your contact person. Only once they approve do we invite the users.

Step 3: Getting started

Experience shows that users can start working independently immediately. An extensive training on the system's operation is not necessary, but a short (online) demo of the capabilities can help users get started. More important is a good understanding of OGSM and the process of creating and monitoring plans. Together with the partners from Toolsfactory, for example, we can:

  • Provide an OGSM training.
  • Train a team of OGSM experts in working with OGSM (and the OGSM platform).
  • Coach users in working with OGSM.
  • Facilitate sessions.

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