Setting up organizational structure

Setting up the organizational structure is not available in every environment. Please contact your administrator or contact person if you have any questions about this.

You can set up the organizational structure if you are the administrator of the environment.


Setting up the organizational structure is important to relate OGSMs to each other. Why?

  • The user sees the set structure when selecting the OGSMs they want to view.

  • For strategies, the user sees the related upper and lower strategies (with the same label).

Setting up organizational structure

Go to 'Settings' in the menu, then to 'Organizational Structure'.

Start with the team that is at the top of the hierarchy, such as the executive team or the management team. Click the top button 'Add team'.

Select one of the options:

  • New team: you create a new team and can set the rights of this team immediately.
  • Existing team: you add an existing team to the organizational structure.

    Use the 'Add Team' buttons to supplement the organizational structure. Below the horizontal line, you can add teams that fall outside the hierarchy, such as programs.

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